Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Howe Plumbing

Bill Howe is an amazing company that dedicates community service to the San Diego Food Bank. They volunteer with us every month bringing in 30 to 50 volunteers each time! Amber Baynard, an employee of Bill Howe absolutely loves volunteering with her company at the Food Bank. Bill Howe has consistently volunteered with the Food Bank for six years! I asked Baynard if she could provide any advice for companies who might be considering building a volunteer team for their companies, and Baynard had some really great advice."Dedication takes time; do not get discouraged. It took Bill Howe six years to get its turn out and keep it consistent. Get t-shirts made, build a team, make or bring food to the event, and then follow up with everyone to see how well the volunteer event went," Baynard said. (What great advice indeed, Baynard!)For those companies interested in volunteering at the San Diego Food Bank, we encourage you to take Baynard's advice, and also remember it starts with the kindness of our hearts.Many San Diegans face the threat of hunger every single day, and the San Diego Food Bank is truly at the forefront serving those who are considered food insecure. According to the USDA, food insecurity is defined as multiple indications of disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake. One in six people living in San Diego are food insecure, which means the individual, might not know where their next meal will come from or when they will eat again.Companies like Bill Howe help inspect, sort and package food for individuals and families in need. The Food Bank serves 400,000 individuals and families each month. If you can imagine a full house at Qualcomm Stadium, its seat capacity is 71,500. Now, envision six Qualcomm stadiums filled with hungry individuals and families - that is the amount of folks the San Diego Food Bank feeds on a monthly basis. The Food Bank simply could not serve on such a grand scale without the help of volunteers. Volunteers are the force behind our mission to fight hunger and feed hope. Groups like Bill Howe seriously contribute many hours and efforts to accomplish our vision of a hunger-free San Diego. Thank you Bill Howe! See you next month!