Volunteer Spotlight: St. Charles Borromeo Academy

For the past twenty years, students at the St. Charles Borromeo Academy, grades kindergarten through eighth grade, have come to our distribution center each month to volunteer their time, which makes them a very special group to us! Twenty years? Amazing!The Academy requires their studentsto learn about the importance of community service. Through their requirement, the children learn amazing skills such as team-building, the importance of service, team-buddy systems and mentorships.We recently had the privilege of hosting the 6th grade class of St. Charles Borromeo Academy. The children were delighted to give their time to the Food Bank and had lots of fun working together as a class. Mrs. Goncalves-Paine, the teacher of the 6th grade class, shared her wonderful story about the children and the program."We like to inspire and motivate the children about community service. I came to this school as a child and even volunteered my time with the Food Bank, so we have an outstanding legacy," Goncalves-Paine said.A legacy they absolutely have. The Academy shows their appreciation for their students by having a volunteer appreciation event for their students at their monthly assemblies. One student was so excited when I was talking pictures of his group, he asked if his class would get pizza for volunteering that day.Twenty years of community service is amazing and we are so grateful for the parents, teachers, and students who are involved each month. The children were so inspiring, and I am grateful that I was able to meet all the children.