Produce Spotlight: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes may not be everyone's go-to root vegetable, but they do make a great alternative for individuals looking to switch it up in the kitchen from the everyday standard white potato to these orange-toned nutrient-rich beauties!Bursting with beta-carotene (the antioxidant you typically find in carrots and butternut squash), sweet potatoes are a great option for people who want to curb their sugar cravings without derailing their healthy eating plan or lifestyle. Plus, the added benefit of being chockfull of appetite-curbing fiber will help you feel full for longer periods of time as the human body requires more time to digest fibrous foods.


According to the American Diabetes Association, sweet potatoes are considered a low-glycemic index food item, which is ideal for folks diagnosed with diabetes or even individuals who are voluntarily monitoring their daily sugar intake to improve their overall health.


Enjoying sweet potatoes, like most potatoes, is much easier when they are cooked in a dish, mixed in with other ingredients, or even cooked alone - think sweet potato fries or a baked sweet potato topped with a dollop of protein-rich Greek yogurt and bits of freshly diced green onions.Not only can sweet potatoes be used in more savory dishes, but they also make a great base for dessert recipes! Try using sweet potatoes in the shareable dish you plan to bring to get-togethers this holiday season. CLICK HERE for a lip-smacking sweet potato dessert that will surely delight the taste buds of everyone in the room.