Serving & Sharing Foundation selected as February Agency of the Month!

The Serving & Sharing Foundation started distributing EFAP commodities packages last April, and have become a leading agency in a very short amount of time. When they initially contacted the Food Bank about running an EFAP site, there was a great need for food assistance in the Valley Center area. This group from Chula Vista decided if the need was there, they could meet it.In the nine months since their program opened, more than 8,357 meals (the equivalent of 10,697 pounds of food) have been distributed to individuals and families in need by this dedicated group of staff and volunteers. They operate a monthly mass distribution that serves 76 households each month.This group of volunteers has also stepped up to help other distribution sites in times of need. Just last month, they offered to help at First Christian Church of National City's larger monthly distribution when the site's regular lead volunteers were out on vacation. This is truly a committed group who is willing to do everything in their power to fight hunger across our community.Congratulations to the Serving & Sharing Foundation for the amazing work you do!