September is also Better Breakfast Month!

As you know, September is nationally recognized as Hunger Action Month. But did you know that it's also Better Breakfast Month? You've heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many of us skip this meal due to busy schedules and lack of time. Others skip it because they do not have enough food in the house. Unfortunately, skipping breakfast can have serious impacts on health and overall wellness, including poor school and work performance and weight gain.The Food Bank works diligently to promote healthy eating, and to provide nutritious food to families who struggle to put food on the table each day. This week, among many other things, the Food Bank is distributing apples and plums to food insecure San Diegans, which are great additions to any healthy breakfast. Here are a few healthy and low maintenance breakfast recipes that are perfect for anyone on the go!Apple Oatmeal (replace the apple juice with unsweetened vanilla almond milk for another healthy option!)Strawberry & Mango SmoothiesPeachy Peanut Butter Pita PocketsFrozen Waffles Topped with Greek Yogurt & Fruit (use frozen fruit or shop fresh fruit that's in season to cut costs)Apple & Peanut Butter SandwichFeel free to share any of your favorite (healthy!)breakfast options on our Facebook page.