Nutrition Month: Fun Healthy Snacks for the Kids in Your Life

Chef Jodi Abel from LaJollaCooks4U joined us again for another fun and informative National Nutrition Month segment on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego! Together with Monique Knight from UnitedHealthcare the two discussed the importance of learning about nutrition from a young age, and shared how to make fun and healthy snacks for kids.Monique Knight shared with viewers the alarming fact that 30% of Californian youth are considered obese, but she remains confident that we can stem this trend.

"We want to pay attention to what the kids are eating, and start educating them at an early age so that we can instill those lifelong healthy habits," said Knight.

By teaching our children about the importance of a balanced diet, and regular exercise, we can ensure the future generation will lead a healthy life.A good way to get kids excited about healthy eating is to model more nutritious choices after foods they already like. We all know kids love to snack on spicy, salty, crunchy things like potato chips, which are unhealthy. But Chef Jodi showed an incredible and delicious alternative! Combining raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and jicama with a tablespoon of chili lime seasoning, and two to three tablespoons of lime juice yields a pretty savory snack! Kids and adults alike can crunch with delight.For those with more of a sweet tooth, Chef Jodi shared apple rounds covered in peanut butter, and topped with shredded coconut and raisins. Sweet as any pastry, Chef Jodi even quips it looks like a donut! These two snacks are certainly a start for introducing your kids to healthy eating options, and are good for adults too! Check below for links to the recipes and for the full segment on KUSI!Nut Butter Apple Rounds with Coconut and RaisinsCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD RECIPEFresh Veggies with Lime Juice and Chili Lime SeasoningCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD RECIPECheck Out the Full Segment Below to Learn More![embed][/embed]