Team Up with MyPlate for a New Year's Challenge

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season! Are you ready to face a new year? Do you have any new resolutions you've set out to accomplish? I just wanted to share a resource for those of you who may want encouragement in achieving your healthy eating or physical activity resolutions. On January 3, SuperTracker kicked off a public New Year's Challenge that encourages participants to start slowly and develop a healthy eating style over time. SuperTracker is a fitness and food tracker supported by the USDA and does a great job incorporating MyPlate based goals. Not sure what MyPlate is? Click here. Over five weeks, participants will be challenged to incorporate the five MyPlate food groups - fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy - into each day. To officially join the challenge and receive encouraging messages along the way, individuals will need to create a free SuperTracker account.CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE!Each week you'll be challenged to incorporate healthy foods (for example: week 1 is dairy) and to log your physical activity. This is a super easy interface, not too detailed, and can be used as an accountability tool. For every healthy food of the week and physical activity you enter, you'll receive points and those can be compared to other participants around the nation. If you just need that little nudge to keep you on your healthy path, this challenge might be the perfect fit for you. There is no counting calories, measuring amounts, or entering in detailed physical activity logs. This New Year's SuperTracker Challenge inspires you to make small changes to your healthy eating pattern you can sustain it throughout the year. Keep it up and even by August you can say you're sticking to your New Year's resolutions!