Villa Alta Apartments selected as January Agency of the Month!

In the past year, the equivalent of more than 79,158 meals (101,323 pounds of food) have been distributed by this dedicated group of staff and volunteers of Villa Alta Apartments. With a primary role of operating an apartment complex, this group recognized a need among their residents and community. They have stepped up to operate a monthly mass distribution that serves 347 households each month.Villa Alta Apartments was selected as the Food Bank's January 2015 Agency of the Month because of their great communication with EFAP staff and impressive customer service. Their reports are always on time and they are very well organized. Even though this apartment complex does not offer the ideal space for such a large-scale distribution, they manage to have a very efficient flow for the participants. Joe and Irma are amazing problem solvers, and have figured out how to properly serve a 280-400 families each month in a tight space.Congratulations the Villa Alta Apartments for the amazing work you do!