Nutrition Notes: Go Grilling!

Summer is here! And with it comes the tradition of grilling and barbecuing. Grilling food involves cooking it at high temperatures for a short period of time. Grilled foods are tasty and flavorful without too much added fat as compared to frying.Some tips for safe and healthy grilling, as recommended by Choose lean cuts of meat as fat from meat may burn the outside while leaving the inside under-cooked. - Marinate the food adequately before grilling to add flavor. - Make your own marinade by combining salty, sour and sweet tastes - like soy sauce, lemon juice and honey and add your favorite spices and herbs like crushed black pepper, garlic, ginger and parsley. - Tools like tongs, spatulas and platters are necessary to help grill food. - Gas and charcoal grills are popular, though temperature control is easier in gas grills. - Seafood, tofu, tempeh and veggies like corn, portabella mushrooms, peppers, sweet potatoes and carrots are also cool foods to grill. - Meats should be cooked thoroughly to prevent food-borne illnesses. Click here for more info on cooking temperature. - Likewise, it is a safe practice to keep raw, cooked, hot and cold foods and the associated utensils all separate from each other. - Avoid charring food, as charring produces substances in the food which may cause cancer.Here's wishing you a happy summer and safe grilling!References:1.