Foster Farms Donates Additional 70,000 Servings of Chicken to Help Feed Local Families

The San Diego Food Bank received a generous donation from national poultry company Foster Farms on Wednesday morning - 70,000 servings of frozen chicken to help feed local families.[caption id="attachment_17408" align="alignright" width="300"]

San Diego Food Bank warehouse driver, Richard, unloaded Foster Farms' semi-truck containing the donated frozen chicken.[/caption]The arrival of this large food donation is timely as the demand for food assistance continues to grow within the San Diego County community. With sudden job loss triggered by the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families found themselves in a financial crunch, especially when it comes to providing basic needs like access to nutrient-rich food for themselves and their loved ones."Since COVID-19 hit our community, the San Diego Food Bank went from feeding 350,000 people every month to nearly 600,000 people," said Food Bank CEO, Jim Floros.

"Those first few weeks were a rush as we [San Diego Food Bank], as an organization, had to quickly pivot to meet the sudden increase in demand. Our goal was to push out as much food as possible and help our existing network of nonprofit partners beef up their food pantries and distributions to serve those who've been impacted by COVID-19."

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Foster Farms donated an additional 70,000 servings of frozen chicken on Wednesday, August 12 to help feed local families in need.[/caption]This is not the first time since the start of the pandemic that Foster Farms has delivered lean protein to the San Diego Food Bank. Wednesday's donation was one of two deliveries that the Food Bank received to help feed local families facing the threat of food insecurity. Back in April, Foster Farms also delivered 35,000 servings of frozen chicken. These donations are part of its nation-wide campaign to deliver 2.4 million servings of poultry to food banks across the country.

"We couldn't do our important work without the support of community-minded companies like Foster Farms. As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of others to ensure our mission can be carried out and the nutritional needs of our community are being met," Floros noted.

Foster Farms has supported food banks across the country for many years and the company encourages others to join in its efforts by donating to a local food bank, especially during this heightened time of need.Thank you, Foster Farms, for your continued support of the San Diego Food Bank, our North County Food Bank chapter and the San Diegans we serve.