Programs & Initiatives

Families & Youth Initiative

Your membership supports our direct feeding programs for low-income families, families living in poverty, and chronically hungry elementary school children who face the threat of hunger every day.

Senior Initiative

The Food Bank provides critical food assistance to tens of thousands of seniors living at or near the poverty level. These seniors have little money left over for food after paying rent and medical bills. The Food Bank provides monthly food packages to seniors struggling to put food on the table.

Military Initiative

The Food Bank supports 39,000 low-income veterans and active-duty military personnel and their dependents every month. This initiative ensures that the brave men and women who are serving our country are able to feed their families.

Nutrition Initiative

The Food Bank is committed to providing healthy, nutritious food to the individuals and families we serve. We provide nutrition education programs, and the Food Bank distributes millions of pounds of fresh produce annually to help fight nutrition-related diseases, especially among the children we serve. We also help thousands of our client households sign up for CalFresh benefits every year.

Emergency Assistance & Disaster Relief Initiative

In addition to providing emergency food assistance to San Diegans facing economic hardship, the Food Bank is an emergency responder in the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake or wildfire. The Food Bank will mobilize emergency food, water, and supplies to San Diegans affected by a major disaster.

Interested in Supporting a Food Bank Initiative or Have Questions?

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